A Boring Introduction.

Hi, my name is Trey.

I’m a recovering political junkie with a passion for technology. I used to run campaigns for a living – I won 50 non-incumbent campaigns in an 8-year period. Turns out, politics sucks. The clients suck, the drama sucks, the hours suck – it just sucks. I found myself spending 90% of my billable hours dealing with drama that affected nobody and accomplished nothing. After nearly dying from stress-related health problems in late 2016, I made some radical life changes and left that world forever. I quit politics and took an 8-5 job paying a fraction of what I was making. I’ve never regretted it for an instance.

Now, I’m a nerd. I’ve been doing Facebook Ads since before Pages even existed, and it’s kind of what I’ve become known for. I have been consulting on Facebook Ads and social media strategies with businesses, organizations, and politicians for the past eight years. I have an intimate knowledge of the underlying concepts behind the Facebook algorithm that has come from a decade of working alongside it as it has grown into the monster it is today. I have developed my own strategies that take advantage of the Facebook algorithm in unique ways to save money and increase Ad conversions.

Beyond Facebook, I’m also a nerd in almost every other aspect of my life. I currently work remotely as the Ads Supervisor at Ping Marketing, an ISP marketing agency based in Chicago.

The purpose of this blog is simple: I like to write. I deleted my old Facebook a couple years ago because I could not escape the political world on there. Even after deleting over 1,200 friends, I was constantly inundated with messages and posts from my old life. My health could not bear the constant negativity associated with that crowd. Plus, I recently married the most amazing woman I’ve ever met – and she deserves the attention that I was devoting to silly social media drama. I still have a Facebook account, but it is solely used to manage pages, stay in touch with close friends and family, and participate in techie groups.

Follow me – or don’t. It’s totally up to you. I’m merely writing for the sake of writing. I am constantly learning new things and trying to think of creative ways to apply what I already know. I have found that writing about them is the best way for me to remember and process them.

If you are reading this, please leave a comment! Ask me challenging questions, please. Present me with a Facebook ad/algorithm problem you’ve been dealing with – I’ll be happy to help.

See you in another post.


5 thoughts on “A Boring Introduction.

  1. Hi trey, got you from fb ad hack group & went through your GMT post. You won’t believe it’s 4 am in Dhaka, BD & I couldn’t stop reading! Sheer brilliance. * will be going through your lookalike article when I wake up!

    I myself has been working in the digital industry here in BD for the last 3 years. Would love to keep in touch to share & learn knowledge 🙂

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    1. Hey Alvi! Thanks for the comment! I appreciate the feedback! Make sure you subscribe to my blog and follow me on Facebook at FB.com/treyedwardsal I’m looking forward to staying in touch with you


  2. Hey Trey – You got some really good articles in your website! I’m looking for some one who can run ads for my Saas products and I’d like to know if you’d be interested in taking up that role? Let me know a way to contact you and discuss the details?


  3. What an amazing blog man. I have just come here while looking for LLA audiences. All the time I have been a SEO affiliate. Now I will learn Facebook ads . I will get a ton of value from your posts!
    Cheers! Keep up the good work

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